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our path to gluten free

We are a family business that produces Premium Cassava Flour Products from our home in Pietermaritzburg. To produce our flour, we have partnered with a local farmer that supplies us with organically grown Cassava Tubers. These have been hand harvested, peeled, sun dried and milled to just the right consistency to create a robust single ingredient flour.

We were inspired to begin this business as part of a journey to make some yummy goodies for family members who struggle with gluten intolerance. This led us on quite a long journey of finding a supply setup that matched our family values, was reliable, cost effective and good for the earth all at the same time.

We pack and manufacture all of our products as a team from our home. Where possible, we source ingredients from local producers in our area.

Our values center around family, real connection with real people, honest and reliable business, food production that is not inherently harmful to the earth and creating real value that not only enriches our lives but also the lives of our community and our customers.

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