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We are a family business that produces Premium Cassava Flour Products from our home in Pietermaritzburg. To produce our flour, we have partnered with a local farmer that supplies us with organically grown Cassava Tubers. These have been hand harvested, peeled, sun dried and milled to just the right consistency to create a rhobust single ingredient flour.


What is Cassava Flour?
Cassava Flour is milled from dried Cassava Tubers. Cassava is a root vegetable which has been widely grown across South America, Africa and Asia for centuries. Other names for Cassava are Yuca and Manioc. In many countries, the entire plant is prepared as food from the tubers all the way up to the leaves.
Is it fully gluten-free?
Cassava Flour is naturally Gluten-Free and Grain-Free. Our flour is milled from organically grown Cassava Tubers which also means it is free from any pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
Are the premixes dairy and egg free?

Yes, we don't use any dairy products in any of our products. Although the instructions call for dairy products to be added to the premix when baking these can be easily swapped with the substitute of your choice. We understand how hectic dietary requirements can be and take our customers safety very seriously! 

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